The Zero-Cost Dream: Starting Your Distillery

Start Your Distillery Journey Cost-Effectively

Start with the bottling process – a wise step in distillation

Starting a distillery doesn’t have to mean investing in a large facility, extensive equipment, or waiting years for your spirits to mature.

A smarter and more economical approach to breaking into the spirits market is to begin by bottling.

The Basics of Bottling.


To launch your distillery, here are the essentials:.

Ethanol: As the cornerstone of your spirits, it’s crucial to use high-quality ethanol.

Softened Safe-to-Drink Water: The water you combine with should be certified safe for consumption and softened for a mellow taste.

Prestige Flavoring Essences: Procure various essences through to concoct a range of spirits, from handcrafted to extensive manufacturing.

Bottles: Go for PET plastic bottles to economize on shipping and benefit from their durability.

Caps, Labels, and Boxes: Vital for the containment, identification, and distribution of your products.

Manufacturing Area and Machinery

To start, a modest area for production will do. Consider the possibilities of hiring a space or outsourcing your production.

You’ll need a mixing vessel with a stirrer, a simple filling machine, a manual capping machine, and a basic labelling machine—or you can even apply labels by hand.

Product storage can be hassle-free by employing the services of a third-party logistics warehouse or by using space available at your home.

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